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On Marching

Posted by – January 20, 2017 3:32 pm

On Saturday, January 21st, 2017 — a day after the inauguration of our 45th President — I plan to attend the Women’s March in Chicago.

As a straight, white male, I think it is critically important to state my reasons for attending this march, for it is not my march. I do not view this as a protest against the new President, per se, so much as a march in defense of, and support for, marginalized and maligned communities in Chicago and the country.

For this reason, I will not bring a sign to wave, or dress to express a personal agenda. I will not be marching because I have something to shout to the world. Rather, I will march to show my support to the members of those communities who are there to voice their very real fears and frustrations. I will lend my voice to their calls, when asked, but more importantly I will simply walk alongside them, and make a point to listen and hopefully learn, and turn that knowledge into action further down the road.